Do I Need A Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Published on 11/7/2023

Climate controlled storage units at Home Town Mini Storage in Livingston, TexasWhat is a climate controlled storage unit?

 A climate controlled storage unit is generally inside an insulated building rather than a drive-up unit. Temperature and humidity are controlled by HVAC systems. In East Texas this can be critical. Outside temperatures can often exceed 100 degrees and humidity is rarely lower than 70%. These elements can easily damage delicate items stored inside a non-insulated unit containing no environmental control. Microfiber furniture is especially susceptible to mildew. It is like a sponge and literally absorbs the moisture out of the air.



What should I store in a climate controlled storage unit?

 When it comes to storage, not all items require a constant, stable temperature. Here are a few things that require a climate-controlled space: 

·        Antiques, especially wood furniture

·        Musical instruments

·        Mattresses

·        Books and magazines

·        Electronics

·        Important documents

·        Upholstered furniture, rugs

·        Vinyl records

·        Paper: books, legal documents, medical and business records

·        Leather: jackets, bags, shoes and boots, living room furniture

·        Wood: tables, chairs, dressers

·        Fabrics, clothing and linens

·        Art

·        Microfiber furniture

·        It is generally not recommended to place irreplaceable family heirlooms in self storage, but if you do, be sure it is climate controlled.

At Home Town Mini Storage our climate controlled storage units are maintained between 60 and 80 degrees and humidity is controlled between 45 and 55%. Your delicate belongings will be well protected with us. We are family owned and operated and dedicated to customer service. "Self Storage, You Keep The Key"